Installing the LPK: Part 3, The Bolt Catch

The next step in the series is how to install the bolt catch. There are two primary methods of installing the bolt catch. the first is with a starter punch, a roll pin punch and a hammer. It also helps to have a lower vise block. Since this method requires a few more tools, I am going to focus on the second method. This requires a pair of pliers and something to protect the finish. (To be fair, you may want to protect the finish using either method, but this method requires it.) I happen to have had some Irwin GrooveLock pliers, so that is what I will be using. I have done this step with just about every kind of pliers, from Gerber multitool pliers to a cheapo pair of slip joint pliers.

First, gather your parts. You will need the bolt catch, the bolt catch spring, the bolt catch spring roll pin and the bolt catch detent.
Next, you will insert the bolt catch detent into the bolt catch spring.
At this point, I have also started the spring roll pin in the lower.
Now, you will drop the spring and detent into the spring well. Make sure the spring is down and the detent head is out.
Now, you will insert the bolt catch into the lower, as shown.
The next step is to protect the finish. For this step, I am going to use a cleaning rag I had laying around. You may want to use painters’ tape on either side of the bolt catch mounts.
For this step, you need to make sure you have the spring roll pin straight and the jaws of the pliers centered on the pin and centered on the mount. You will then apply steady pressure until the pin fully sinks in the mount.
And that is all there is to it!  All that is left is to make sure it is functioning. for now, just make sure it operating easily, with out much wobble.