Installing the LPK: Part 4, the Pivot Pin

So far, so good. you have successfully gotten half of your lower parts kit into the rifle. The next item is installing the pivot pin. The pivot pin is the longer of the two assembly pins that hold the upper onto the lower. It fits in the front lug of the lower.

Step 1
For this part of the LPK install, you will need the pivot pin, pivot pin detent and detent spring. The pivot pin detent and spring are identical to the takedown detent and spring.

Step 2
Take the detent spring and drop it in the detent recess.
Step 3
Grab the detent and drop it in the recess. be careful, it is real easy to have the spring launch the detent across the room.
Step 4
At this point, you may want to do this in a Ziploc bag. That way,
if you lose your grip on the detent, it will fly into the bag and you won’t risk it shooting across the room. For this step, I am using a flat blade knife to depress the detent. You can use just about anything, including some nifty tools specifically for this purpose. Once you have the detent depressed, insert the pivot pin into the lug.
Besure that the groove in the pin is facing the buffer tube side of the receiver.
Step 5
Push in the pivot pin and make sure it operates properly.

That’s all there is to it! Next up, Part 5: the Safety and Pistol Grip.