Killing in Vegas, How Will Politicians/Media React?

Last night, a man shot up the Jason Aldean concert in Las Vegas Nevada. Follow the full coverage:

First, thoughts and prayers to all the families of the victims for their loss, the wounded for a speedy recovery and the survivors for help dealing with the aftermath. Continue reading “Killing in Vegas, How Will Politicians/Media React?”

Politician Ramps Up Assault On Firearms

Here we go again. Another tragedy leads to politicians clamoring for stricter gun control. First, my heart goes out to the victims and their families. If you don’t like how politicians are acting, vote them out. Second, a big salute to wounded officers Crystal Griner and David Bailey, and all of the other officers on the scene. Continue reading “Politician Ramps Up Assault On Firearms”

Sexiest 3 Gun Girls!

[tps_title]Sexiest Three Gun Girls![/tps_title]From the all-American Diana Hufstedler to everyone’s favorite Brownell’s girl, Janna Reeves, these three gun ladies are some of the hottest, most competitive shooters in the country!

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The Hottest Pro-Gun Celebrities, No. 9 Will Shock You!

Johnny Depp

“I will most certainly take my kids out for target practice.”

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12 Best Add-ons and Accessories for the AR-15


Ok, so this may be a bit of overkill, but the first thing most of us go for is a good sight picture. Whether you go for this monster, holographic sights, a raised-mount scope, or just plain iron sights, this will likely be your first add on.

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MagPul’s Top 8 AR-15 Accessories

UBR Stock

This new take on the collapsible stock is just genius. The fixed cheek point while still being collapsible make this a one-of-a-kind add-on from your favorite polymer company.

Magpul UBR

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Hot Chicks of Hollywood Carry Guns!

SE Cupp

“The problem with background checks, five-day waiting periods, they assume that I have criminal intent to use my gun to pursue my Second Amendment rights…I go to get a background check, ‘Prove to me you’re not a criminal.’ I go to get a gun, ‘Prove to me you don’t want to use it in the heat of passion right now, wait five days, you need to cool off.’ That’s not fair — the government is not in the business of intimidating me away from my Second Amendment rights. It’s an abuse of power…”

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