Real Talk About BCG Coatings

Your Bolt Carrier Group comes in about as many different coatings as you could think of, but the question I had was: What does it really mean? So, I started digging, and let me tell you, I found a wealth of knowledge and a fountain of opinions. I will start this post with the technical facts of the coatings and then throw down the practical, real people talk of what all of it means. Continue reading “Real Talk About BCG Coatings”

Planning Your AR-15 Build

AR-10 vs AR-15Planning your AR Build

AR-15 or AR-10?

The first question you have to ask is: Do I want an AR-15 or AR-10? What it comes down to, is what do you want? The biggest difference is the AR-15 was developed based on the 5.56mm NATO round, and the AR-10 was made for the .308 (7.62mm NATO). So, with the larger round, you get more power, but also more weight and less capacity. Check these links out for more discussion on the topic: Continue reading “Planning Your AR-15 Build”