Metal Lower Comparisons

Let’s talk today about metal lowers. For sake of argument, we will be talking about metal lowers as it applies to the 80% world. For further clarity, we are going to focus on aluminum receivers. After a bit of research, I found that most of the companies that have offered the dream of other metals, namely bronze and titanium, have mostly just pushed out dreams with no product. In fact, the only titanium company I could find that still had a website was Continue reading “Metal Lower Comparisons”

Real Talk About BCG Coatings

Your Bolt Carrier Group comes in about as many different coatings as you could think of, but the question I had was: What does it really mean? So, I started digging, and let me tell you, I found a wealth of knowledge and a fountain of opinions. I will start this post with the technical facts of the coatings and then throw down the practical, real people talk of what all of it means. Continue reading “Real Talk About BCG Coatings”

MagPul’s Top 8 AR-15 Accessories

UBR Stock

This new take on the collapsible stock is just genius. The fixed cheek point while still being collapsible make this a one-of-a-kind add-on from your favorite polymer company.

Magpul UBR

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Hot Chicks of Hollywood Carry Guns!

SE Cupp

“The problem with background checks, five-day waiting periods, they assume that I have criminal intent to use my gun to pursue my Second Amendment rights…I go to get a background check, ‘Prove to me you’re not a criminal.’ I go to get a gun, ‘Prove to me you don’t want to use it in the heat of passion right now, wait five days, you need to cool off.’ That’s not fair — the government is not in the business of intimidating me away from my Second Amendment rights. It’s an abuse of power…”

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The Hottest Armed Celebs! You Will Never Guess Number 13!

Johnny Depp

“I will most certainly take my kids out for target practice.”

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