New Bill Attempts to Erode the 2nd Amendment

The anti-rights liberal legislators are at it again. Mr Adriano Espaillat (NY-13) has introduced into the house, H.R. 1278, with the short title “Ghost Guns are Guns”, in an attempt to police the sales of 80% rifle kits. The ambiguous wording alone shows that Mr Espaillat is completely unfamiliar with how the process of building an 80% from a kit works. The bill leaves a mile for any over zealous interpreter to decide how “readily assembled” something is. Or, even, what can be converted into a firearm.

Don’t send this in the mail. It can be converted into a firearm.

None of this either…

Ok, so, those may be a stretch. But what about forged blanks like this:

All forged lowers start like this and are machined into the finished product. This bill could mean that all forges will be required to get a license as a manufacturer. This may be all part of the plan to take further rights away. Contact your house rep, and tell them to vote “No” on HR 1278.

If your Rep is one on this list:

  • Mr Adriano Espaillat (NY – 13)
  • Mr Brad Schneider (IL – 10)
  • Mrs Watson Coleman (NJ – 12)
  • Ms Eleanor Norton (DC)
  • Mr Steve Cohen (TN – 09)
  • Mr Jamie Raskin (MD – 08)
  • Mr Ted Deutch (FL – 21)
  • Mr Earl Blumenauer (OR – 03)
  • Mr David Cicilline (RI – 01)
  • Mr Luis Gutiérrez (IL – 04)
  • Ms Nydia Velázquez (NY – 07)
  • Mr Tony Cárdenas (CA – 29)
  • Mr Eric Swalwell (CA – 15)

Contact them now and let them know you are disappointed in them and that your next vote will show.



Author: James Builder

James Builder is a former member of the US Army (Armorer), who currently spends his time building out AR-15's, but prefers if the government doesn't know what he looks like or where he lives.